General terms and conditions of sale

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General terms and conditions of sale 1. Use of the Services is intended for personal and private purposes only. Members can benefit from the Services offered to them on the Website subject, where applicable, to payment of the chosen Subscription and compliance with the following prerequisites: Be of legal age i. The Members and Subscribers concerned are informed of their essential characteristics before taking site de rencontre easyflirt a Subscription.

The selection and purchase of a Subscription are the sole responsibility of the Member. Registration on the Website and opening of an Account 6. To create an Account and become a Member, the Internet user must first register by filling out the form available online on the Website. Two 2 registration procedures are available: Registration via Facebook connect; Registration via the online form.

Registration via Facebook connect Step 1: To facilitate the registration process, the user can use his or her identification information from his or her Facebook user account by entering his or her user name and password. By default, five photographs are automatically imported. Facebook connect is a third-party service to the Services. Once the registration is confirmed by the user, the latter becomes a Member subject to article 7.

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Registration via the online form The registration process via the online registration form on the Website includes the following steps: Step 1: The Internet user completes the online registration form on the Website by filling in the necessary fields, some of which are mandatory. Once the registration has been confirmed by the user, the user becomes a Member of the Service subject to Article 7.

As part of the use of the Services, First Step technology is offered to Members.

Faites-vous votre propre avis sur EasyFlirt en le testant gratuitement! Sur un site comme EasyFlirt vous allez rencontrer tous les types de personnes fréquentant les sites de rencontres. Seulement, il est parfois difficile de séparer les faux profils des vrais profils. Là vous pouvez préciser si vous êtes un homme ou une femme, votre date de naissance, votre adresse mail et choisir un pseudo. Vous pouvez également indiquer un numéro de téléphone facultatif.

This technology uses an algorithm whose functionality allows the connection of members by affinity. The Member who wishes to use it must therefore have a mobile Internet connection. This application offers site de rencontre easyflirt possibility to the Internet user to create an Account and to become a Member from, for example, a mobile phone.

It also allows users to take out Subscriptions.

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Regardless of the method of registration chosen, the Member guarantees that the data communicated at the time of registration is accurate and true. Subscription and financial terms 7. As a matter of principle, Subscriptions to Basic Services and Additional Services are subject to payment at the rates in effect at the time of their subscription.

These rates are firm and non-revisable during their validity period. The price is payable in cash at the time of Subscription, by credit card or bank transfer. As an exception, in order to allow Members to discover the functionalities of the Basic Services, access to a limited version of these Services is offered free of charge.

This free and limited access does not allow users to use all the features of the Website and does not allow users to meet other Members. In addition, female Members wishing to be matched with a male Member have access to the Basic Services, which are free and complete, with the exception of the Additional Services, which remain payable. The Member purchases a Subscription for the duration selected by the Member, at the price displayed online at the time of subscription and according to the payment methods proposed on the Website and chosen by the Member.

For Subscriptions with the duration of three and six months, the terms of payment of the price are monthly from the second renewal. Access to the Services concerned by the selected Subscription is immediate when payment is made by credit card. The financial terms proposed are exceptional and cannot be the subject of any site de rencontre easyflirt by other Members.

Android The Member may create his or her Account under the conditions set forth in Article 6. Subscribers or Members may order one or more additional Subscriptions giving them access to advanced features of the Website according to the plans detailed on the Website. Step 3: Members can choose to increase the number of their social interactions by choosing to expand the visibility of their profile on partner services. This choice is offered to the Member after validation of the first steps of his or her registration to the service.

In the event that the Member is not satisfied with the user experience offered, the Member may request a refund of the initial subscription within fifteen 15 days of said subscription, provided that the Member has logged on at least three 3 times per week and sent at least twenty 20 messages per week during this period.

Right of withdrawal The Site de rencontre easyflirt has the right to retract during a site de rencontre easyflirt homme cherche serieux tva fourteen 14 calendar days from the conclusion of the sale, without having to give any reason and without any sum being due.

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They allow Members to use the means of communication made available to them in the best possible conditions. To enable reliable exchanges between Members, each of them shall supply correct data, in compliance with laws and regulations and regularly update them. Photographs uploaded by the Member must: Only show the Member Not show unrelated elements landscape, animals, etc. Members are not allowed to include telephone, postal or electronic contact information on their profile.

The Member is prohibited from transmitting his or her contact details Skype, etc. Members are also strongly discouraged from allowing themselves to be filmed by another Member, as well as from sending money, by any means whatsoever and under any pretext whatsoever, to another Member.

General terms and conditions of sale

The Member undertakes to fairly use the Website, in compliance with the present terms and conditions. The Member shall refrain from making any comments that violate the rights of others or that are defamatory or insulting and, in general, from making any comments or content that are contrary to the purpose of the Services and to the laws and regulations in force. The violation of any of these obligations by a Member constitutes a serious breach.

The companies are not directly involved in the creation the content of the profiles. Likewise, companies are not involved in the relations and exchanges between Members. As a social media technology platform, we think it worthwhile to specify to our users, some principles that highlight appropriate behaviour on the platform. Act with good sense Thus, before publishing any information on the Internet, the Member must always bear in mind that what he or she writes on the Internet is liable to subjective interpretation.

Data on the Internet can be viewed by everybody and are infinitely reproducible and easily searchable. Act in accordance with the terms and conditions Site de rencontre easyflirt use of the service, like with any social network, must be carried out in compliance with the law and the conditions of use specific to the services used.

It is therefore imperative that the Member examine them. Respecting the communication contract. Use the tools provided by the Service wisely As a technical site de rencontre easyflirt promoting social interactions, we have developed technical features to encourage interactions between members messages, chat, videos, speedflirt etc.

Commercial interference is strictly forbidden on profiles or in site de rencontre easyflirt messages and chat. In any case, these messages are optional and not mandatory.

The Member can send the message of his or her choice. For his or her own safety, the Member must choose carefully the information he or she publishes on his or her profile and, more generally, in every area where the service allows it.

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Comments are free as long as they respect the basic rules of good behaviour and are subject to moderation. In order to preserve dialogue and respect, the moderator can remove, after preliminary warning if possible, any comments punishable by law and the provisions below. The Member is prohibited from deleting or modifying data contained on the Website, from fraudulently introducing data and from altering the functioning of the Website.

The member is not permitted to carry out any operation to saturate a page, rebound operations or any operation which could result in disturbing or distorting the operation of the Website. Any access to an unauthorised space shall be considered fraudulent access as provided by the criminal code.

Avis Easyflirt : opinion de la rédaction et témoignages clients

All the data obtained through unauthorised access to the space will be considered by the Member as confidential and not disclosed to third parties.

The Member shall take all measures necessary to ensure his or her own security, in particular the management of his or her personal ids and access codes, which he or she promises to site de rencontre easyflirt confidential. The use of a mobile application for the use of the services requires that the Member previously owns a compatible device with rencontre femme serieuse vosges mobile Internet connection.

Prior to the application download, the Member should refer to the conditions of use of the application on the download platform to learn about the necessary configuration. Intellectual Property He or she shall not download, copy, transmit, sell, distribute or use the content of the platform and the Websites. The Member agrees to respect the rights site de rencontre easyflirt third parties whose content is present on the Website and abstains from creating any analogies in the mind of the public for any purpose.

The member is solely responsible for possible prejudice caused by the disclosure of such information. The Member is solely responsible for any damage that might be caused as a result of disclosure of this information.

The exchanges between Members, the profiles, the descriptions and other announcements are incorporated within the framework of entertainment and communication. Partner websites may be accessible to users through hypertext links such as advertising banners. This data collection allows the creation of an Account site de rencontre easyflirt the Member, prior to his or her use of the Website and to the possible Subscription.

By exception, bank account information are communicated to service providers in charge of managing and payment of Services and Subscriptions. The Member expressly consents that the above-mentioned bank account information will be communicated to said service providers and for the sole purpose referred above.

Another exception, the personal data collected during registration on the Website may be communicated to commercial partners only with the express agreement of the Member or Subscriber and in order to facilitate their registration for additional Services.

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This data is only kept for a period strictly related to the purpose of treatment and a maximum of two years from the last visit of the Member on the Website. The Member expressly consents to this communication.

They are intended to suggest to Members possible dates in line with their personality. It is strictly forbidden to retrieve, use or transmit to third parties any personal data from the Website, regardless of its use. In accordance with the law and regulations in force, the Member has a right of access, rectification, erasing and limitation of his or her personal data.

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The Member also has a right of objection, for legitimate reasons,to the processing of his or her personal data. The Member also has a right of objection, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of this data.

All these rights can be exercised with Global Digital Média SA, Customer Service, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt accompanied by a proof of identity. Global Digital Média SA has a two 2 month to respond, from the receipt of said mail. In addition, the Member has the possibility to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority. In the event that the Member has reason to believe that his personal data has been used, the latter must promptly notify Global Digital Media SA.

Unsubscribing from the Website and termination of a membership This request will be considered to have been effected by the first week day following receipt by the competent service. This request does not entail any refund of the period of the subscriptions remaining. A subscribing Member can only unsubscribe from the Website if he or she previously cancelled his or her membership. In the event of payment by transfer, the Subscription will not be renewed on the due date.

In case of payment by credit card, the Subscription will be automatically renewed on the due date by successive periods equivalent to those initially chosen by the Member, except in the event of a termination notified by the latter in the conditions indicated in Article The Renewed Subscription will be billed to the Member based on the rate base and frequency of the Subscription site de rencontre easyflirt subscribed by the same Member.

This decision does not affect the access to all functions of the Service for the initial duration of the subscription. Subscribing Members have the option of not renewing site de rencontre easyflirt three 3 days offer at the earliest after the first clear day and no later than one 1 clear day before the end of the Subscription. For all other Subscriptions, the decision not to renew the Subscription must be made no later than seventy-two 72 hours before the end of the Subscription.

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Subscribing Members have the option of not renewing the seven 7 days offer at the earliest after the first two 2 clear days and no later than one 3 clear day before the end of the Subscription. Subscribing Members have the option of not renewing the fourteen 14 days offer at the earliest after the first seven 7 clear day and no later je recherche une femme blanche one 3 clear day before the end of the Subscription.

Subscribing Members who have subscribed to the seven 7 day trial period have the possibility to benefit from the PREMIUM status and all its advantages as soon as they wish. In addition, the Member will receive a confirmation of his decision not to renew the Subscription by e-mail. The Member will be informed of the termination of his or her Account and Subscription by e-mail. Force majeure The Parties cannot be held responsible if the non-execution or site rencontre rastaman site de rencontre easyflirt in the execution of any of their obligations, as described in the present terms and conditions, arises from a case of force majeure, within the meaning of the law in force.

The Party observing the event shall promptly inform the other Party of its inability to perform its obligations as a result of force majeure. The suspension of obligations cannot under any circumstances be a cause of responsibility for non-performance of the obligation involved, nor lead to the payment of damages and site de rencontre easyflirt or penalties of delay.

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Initially, cases of force majeure will suspend the application of the terms and conditions and the current Subscription. To this end, the prevented party will warn the other of the resumption of his obligation by the means of his or her choice. If the force majeure exceeds two 2 months, the present terms and conditions and the current Subscription will be automatically terminated.

Good will The parties agree to carry out their obligations in absolute good faith. Sincerity The parties declare that the present commitments are sincere. Thus, they confirm not knowing of any element that, if communicated, would have modified the consent of the other party.

Titles The titles of the clauses of the terms and conditions are included for information only and must not in any way affect site de rencontre easyflirt meaning or the interpretation of the said terms and conditions. In case that any clause title would disturb the comprehension of the clause itself, it will not be taken into account. Nullity If any provision of these terms are held to be invalidated or declared such under any site de rencontre easyflirt, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, other provisions shall remain in full force and scope.

No general or specific condition appearing in the documents sent or delivered by the parties can be integrated into the present terms and conditions. Agreement of proof The acceptance of the terms and conditions by e-mail has the same probative value between site de rencontre easyflirt as the agreement in paper format.

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Data recorded in the computer systems of the Website will be stored under reasonable safety conditions and considered proof of communications between the parties. The contractual documents site de rencontre easyflirt archived on a reliable and durable way which can be produced as proof.

This provision does not infringe communications ordered site de rencontre easyflirt law or administration. In case of conflict between the parties or divergences on the interpretation of a word or a clause, only the French versions shall apply.

Dispute Resolution The merits and formal elements are also governed by Swiss law, notwithstanding the place in which the fundamental or subsidiary obligations are performed. Vous pouvez vous-même signaler une arnaque ou un abus à tout moment, en cliquant simplement sur un lien spécifique situé au niveau de chaque annonce. Notre système de messagerie vous évite de laisser vos coordonnées personnelles. Mais comme dans la vraie vie, le Net ne garantit pas toujours des relations sincères.

Il arrive malheureusement que certaines personnes réussissent à détourner les systèmes de contrôle en place Une femme petite et brune peut se décrire comme grande et blonde … Il est donc important pour chacun d'être conscient de certaines régles à respercter afin d'éviter les arnaques et autres déconvenues sur le site.

Cette personne se dit très amoureuse de vous. Une personne inscrite sur le site vous envoie un message coquin. Mais au final cette personne site de rencontre easyflirt renverra vers un site payant si vous souhaitez continuer à discuter. Les « récolteurs de mails » Attention aux membres qui vous demandent votre adresse mail personnelle dès le premier échange. Ces personnes utilisent par la suite votre email pour vous envoyer des messages à caractère publicitaire … Les faux profils Utilisez les exemples ci-dessous afin de mieux reconnaître les faux profils qui pourraient vous contacter.

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PS : N'oubliez pas que tous les comptes décrits ci-dessous sont totalement fictifs!